• Taormina


Province: Messina

The Taormina territory has always been valued by travellers for its stunning blend of cultural and natural heritage. The sea here is just breath-taking and makes for a magic experience when seen from the Old Greek amphitheatre dating back to the 3rd century B.C., or from the coast and the volcano. Since the Grand Tour of times immemorial, painters, sculptors, writers and musicians from all over the world have dwelled here, making Taormina one of the most sought-after tourist sites in Italy. Its colours, its fragrances and atmosphere are just marvellous.

Taormina is without doubt a cultural city, and welcomes travellers with countless attractions: its historic and monumental heritage starts at Porta Messina (1808) stretching to Porta Catania (1440), and beyond. The city atmosphere is manifold, as in the Old Theatre, the Duomo, the Palazzo Corvaja (in Piazza Santa Caterina), now home to the Popular Arts and Crafts Museum and the tourist information centre. Less known, but absolutely worthwhile, are the Castello Saraceno castle on Monte Tauro or the Madonna della Rocca sanctuary, a real gem cast on the rocks, easily reachable with a long but rewarding stroll.

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