• Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa di Riva

Province: Messina

This is a small Ionian town 18 kilometers far from Taormina, in the so called “Valle d’Agrò” valley, taking its name from the Santa Teresa di Riva creek. It is a less known site, very much appreciated by sea lovers. The vast sea promenade of Santa Teresa di Riva (over four kilometers) is very well kept and a sought-after relaxing destination.

The Chiesa Matrice, also known as Santa Maria del Carmelo sanctuary, was rebuilt at the beginning of the XX century. Near this church, there is an interesting tower, the Torre dei Saraceni dating to the XIII century, with a nearby crenellated building of the same age.

There are several religious and pagan events in Santa Teresa di Riva. The Patron saint celebration of Santa Maria del Carmelo takes place on July 16.

Also in July, there is the typical “Palio di Santa Maria del Carmelo” medieval tournament, with sports games, events, music and cabaret plays.

The Santa Teresa di Riva carnival taking place in August is very well known, it is also called Ionian Carnival and features typical chariots.

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