• Licodia Eubea

Licodia Eubea

Province: Catania

Licodia Eubea, also known as the town of grapes and the unique cicerchia, a chickling vetch variety, is a journey into the past delivering timeless traditional flavours.

One of the most interesting sites is the Grotta dei Santi grotto in the Alia borough. Visitors can admire a recently restored 9th century rock painting, portraying the Crucifixion.

The entire town is dotted with religious architectural beauties: the Chiesa Matrice di Santa Margherita church dated 1600, the Cappuccini church and convent of 1568, the Carmine church and convent of 1563 and the S. Lucia al Borgo (1300), the Ospedale (1607), Calvario (1693) and Chiesa del Rosario (1420) churches.

Cicerchia is deemed as being one of the humblest cereals, however it has rich nutritional features, and over the centuries has become the symbol of Licodia Eubea. From this legume, Licodia farmers mill a unique flour and cook the Patacò, one of the many traditional dishes to be tasted in the December feast.

Near Licodia Eubea there is the sports equipped area of Lago Dirillo lake, where open air activities can be practiced in an uncontaminated scenario: canoeing, fishing, trekking, and also special Nordic walking trails are to be discovered.

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