• Grammichele


Province: Catania

The number 6 is deemed by mathematicians as being the smallest perfect number, since it equals the sum of its proper divisors. Grammichele main square is a hexagon, and from there visitors can count 6 main roads, 6 sestieri, 6 quarters, 60 hamlets and 60 blocks. Such a particular urban planning owes its originality to Prince Carlo Maria Cafiero, founder of Grammichele after the destruction of the old hamlet of Occhiolà during the 1693 earthquake.

Grammichele welcomes visitors with its rational and orderly guise. The central piazza faces the baroque Chiesa Madre, devoted to San Michele Arcangelo (1724) and the old Town Hall Palazzo, an ancient Domus Juratoria hosting the Civic Museum. On the Via Roma, the San Leonardo church treasures a wooden holy cross dating to the 17th century. The Occhiolà Archaeological Park, established in 1997, is definitely worth a visit. It is a 30-hectare area with distinct archaeological heritages of several human settlements from the Bronze Age to 1693.

From the historic centre, through a 4-kilometer scenic road, you reach the Madonna del Piano Sanctuary, one of the few monuments that stood still after the earthquake. The Madonna del Piano celebration, at the beginning of September, is an occasion to witness old techniques in preparing typical sausages, and see how religious legacies are blended with popular traditions.

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