• Furci Siculo

Furci Siculo

Province: Messina

Furci Siculo lies on the Ionian coast and offers several natural trails and initiatives all year round: its ruins show a long-time history, even older than Greek settlements.

Its territory lies inside wonderful natural landscapes: travellers venture through the Sentiero Vernà trail, or the Fossa Lupo and Nocifolio sports equipped areas, and trekkers can follow old river beds routes, among chestnut trees and breath-taking views.

The Sea, Fishing and Marine Traditions Museum gathers all kind of equipment, used for centuries in the fishing industry, as well as traditional marine tools.

In August, the splendid Festa del Mare sea festival attracts tourists from all over the world. Inside the historic centre there are splendid historical palazzi (Coglitore, Gregorio, Perrone) and the Chiesa Madre, dedicated to the Beata Vergine Maria del Rosario, the holy patron of Furci Siculo, celebrated on the first Sunday in October.

The Artale neighbourhood is a treasure trove of farming traditions and genuine produce from ancient cultivations: taste the local cheese and ricotta specialties produced according to antique methods.

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