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  • San Pietro Clarenza

    • San Pietro Clarenza

    San Pietro Clarenza

    Province: Catania

    San Pietro Clarenza is a small town famous for its theatre company, the “Opera dei Pupi Il Paladino” headed by Salvo Mangano, a renowned Sicilian marionette artist.

    The Paladino company has its own travelling theatre, very popular all around Sicily. The Sicilian Pupi marionettes are the central characters of this art, and their craftsmanship involves many old crafts like the blacksmith, the tinsmith, the carver and the unique “puparo”, the very creator of pupi.

    The beautiful Caseggiato Mannino – one of the oldest town monuments, recently restored and now hosting the city library – and the surrounding late Baroque buildings are not to be missed. Not far from the historic centre, there is the town Tower, probably used as a defensive watchtower in the 18th century by the noble family of Clarenza. Also worth a visit are the Church of Santa Caterina (1316), the patron saint of the town, and the church of San Pietro (1606).

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