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  • Viagrande

    • Viagrande


    Province: Catania

    Viagrande, a small Etna town of ancient origins, is surrounded by a fertile countryside with luscious vineyards and fruit trees of several varieties. It is also known as the town of butterflies: in particular, the endemic species called Aurora dell’Etna was described by Jean-Baptiste Boisduval for the first time in 1836. Today, this butterfly is an endangered species because of the environmental changes of its habitat.

    The Parco Monte Serra is a protected area of around 30 hectares, where visitors can spend an entire day outdoor, inside a totally natural ambience. There are several trails and picnic areas, and the unique House of Butterflies, a huge tropical aviary hosting hundreds of butterflies from all over the world. The entire structure, with its vegetation, allows the observation of these insects from close distance while they fly, eat or rest in a totally familiar habitat.

    Do not miss a visit to the Church of S. Maria dell’Idra (1700), and San Biagio (1600), while the Etna Museum has several educational and informative resources to start or complete an excursion on the volcano.

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