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    Province: Messina

    Fiumedinisi, a small medieval hamlet a few kilometres north of Taormina, owes its name to the veneration rites for Dionysius. The town was renowned for its gold, silver, iron and aluminium mines, which influenced its economy for centuries.

    Nowadays, it hosts the Fiumedinisi and Monte Scuderi Natural Preservation Area, another opportunity to discover its landscape features.

    This area is dotted with grandiose rocky outcrops, while the territory is crossed by torrent beds and deep river valleys with a stunning vegetation variety: heaths, downy oaks, the hackberry, chestnuts, Italian walnut and black mulberry bushes.

    Its flora, above 800 meters above sea level, is mainly made of holm oaks, hornbeams, and is home to the sycamore, the mountain maple, the oak, the holly and the laurel.

    Strolling around the historic centre, travellers can admire the Maria SS. Annunziata sanctuary, the so called “mother church” of Fiumedinisi founded by the Normans, while the San Pietro church was erected on an old abbey. While here, do not miss the Saint Nicholas church, the Palazzo della Zecca and the ruins of the Belvedere Castle, founded by the Normans, from which there is a unique panorama of the Ionian Sea.

    In August, the Vara feast (also known as Festa dell’Annunziata) is the oldest religious celebration in Fiumedinisi. The vara is a typical 12-meter long chariot, carried by 150 devotees all dressed in white, who walk through the city streets.

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