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Next Holiday in Sicily? Picturesque routes, rare and traditional enogastronomy products, adventure tracks leading to uncontaminated nature, slow strolls across ancient towns where time stood still: the District is a multifarious territory able to gather and deliver its diversities as a unique voyage, converting traditions into genuine and authentic lifestyles.



gustoso notitleTIT gustoso

A route aimed at discovering the genuinity of flavours, a visual experience made through taste. Cuisine buffs, gourmands and food connoisseurs wanting to discover excellent Sicilian gastronomy: these are the protagonists of this offer. The DAM Gustoso delivers typical Sicilian cuisine and cooking art, including special visits to farms, wine and olive oil tastings, organizing and managing training courses to better understand exquisite recipes and gastronomy traditions, production and marketing of local produce grown and processed in unique ways.



dinamico notitleTIT Dinamico

All-year-round sports, passion for nature, adventure trails wallowed in Sicilian greenery: these are the buzzwords of this “dynamic offer” aimed at venturesome voyagers, lovers of open air life and the outdoors. The DAM Dinamico delivers assorted discovery packages: from adventure tracks to competitions, from sea sports to mountain trails, all make for a wide array of opportunities to be experienced immersed in Sicily’s fascinating land.



sereno notitleTIT sereno

The DAM Sereno is aimed at voyagers who are looking for paths to re-discover themselves through the holiday: emotions, awareness, inner balance and a harmonious growth of mind and body. The serene traveler desires to achieve corporal and mental wellness, following spiritual paths and psychophysical recovery through natural treatments, marked by positive thinking, optimism and selfesteem.



lento notitleTIT lento

A concept especially dedicated to slow-pace lifestyle lovers, fancying a frenzy-free kind of holiday, thus enjoying simple activities, rich in human values. This District embraces local culture: old towns’ life is proposed to discover a secret Sicily and meet its people, being involved in everyday life, mingling with folks and exchanging experiences.

The slow voyager craves to discern and not only to travel, loves to learn stories from the land, being in contact with customs and traditions, being involved in religious celebrations, discovering rituals and superstitions: in one word, travelers want to cultivate essential relationships, being in touch with the local hosting culture.